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Physical information
Gender Male
Political information
Nationality Russian
Affiliation Spetsnaz
Occupation Spetsnaz GRU operative

Zvezda was a leader of a Spetsnaz GRU team that took out several AA Defenses in West Berlin.


Colonel Orlovsky sent a squad of Spetsnaz GRU to neutralize an American AA battery in preparation for the invasion of West Germany. Zvezda's men infiltrated the West Berlin during the night and slowly made their way to their target. Unsuspecting American troops and patrols were swiftly and silently killed by the Spetsnaz troops, using surprise and silenced weaponry.

Despite the fact there was a scout helicopter in the skies, Zvezda's squad managed to stay out of sight and proceed with the mission. When both AA batteries were sabotaged, Zvezda and his men proceeded to exfiltrate via the woods nearby. It is likely that after the complete annihilation of the NATO forces in West Berlin, the Spetznaz team would regroup within hours with the Soviet force, despite Orlvesky claiming it would take days.


Zvezda is the first somewhat "playable" unit you encounter in the Soviet Assault expansion pack.


Zvezda means "Star" in Russian.


This is Zvezda. We are ready.
First quote said in the game. (If the tutorial isn't played)
Nyet. That would mean suicide, comrade lieutenant.
When asked about moving to a location where they would be spotted.

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