Biographical information
Residence United States of America
Physical information
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Political information
Nationality African-American
Affiliation U.S. Army
Occupation Grading junior officers
Rank Master Sergent

Watson is a Master Sergeant with the duty of passing or reproving West Point graduates or junior officers.

World In ConflictEdit

Watson is seen in the Tutorial mission, in the National Training Center where Parker must prove himself that he can command units and serve in the over-seas in Europe. He is tough and bad with the "recruits", and tends to push them to the max to see if they can make a name for themselves.


  • "What are waiting for? LIGHT THEM'UP!" - Ordering Parker to destroy the OPFOR's tanks.
  • "Good, now move on to the next one." - Telling Parker to pass through the checkpoint.
  • "Impressive. We have just one more thing and then we're through for the day."


  • Even though he "orders" the OPFOR to whatever he wants, the tanks, when the mouse is right above them, say "U.S.S.R". This was likely done so that Massive Entertainment wouldn't need to create OPFOR tanks, so they just used the U.S.S.R ones.
  • He appears to sport the same voice as Webb.
  • He served in Vietnam, as he mentions being at the Battle of A Shau Valley during the tutorial.
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