Thomas was a tank driver in World in Conflict

World in ConflictEdit

Thomas (full name unknown) was the tank driver of Bannon's Heavy Tank (the M1A2 Abrams). He is seen in the cutscenes of when fighting in Russia, when he spotted the civilians that Bannon thought that were U.S.S.R infantry, and defending Fort Teller at Cascade Falls.


He made his last stand defending the Fort Teller at Cascade Falls, along with Bannon and the other crew of Bannon's tank. He said to Bannon that "he was scared", which Bannon replied that they "would be remembered as heroes".


  • It is presumed that he was a close friend of Bannon, because he admits to Bannon that he was scared. This is unknown though.
  • He is last seen fighting the many batallions in the mission "".