WiC TA Tank Buster Tank buster
WiC Ingame Tank Buster USSR
Su-25 Frogfoot delivering a tank buster
WiC TA Selective Selective strike
Faction WiC USA Icon Small United States
WiC USSR Icon Small Soviet Union
WiC NATO Icon Small NATO
Deployment time 12 seconds
Recharge time 90 seconds
WiC Infantry Icon 6/12/18 WiC Support Icon 6/12/18
WiC Armor Icon 6/12/18 WiC Air Icon 6/12/18

Tank buster is a selective tactical aid strike which calls in a plane that strafes the target aisle and destroys or heavily damages anything it hits.


An airplane sweeps down and unleashes its 30mm Gatling gun, destroying any ground units in the corridor-shaped target area. It does not differentiate between hostile and allied units.


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