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Spetsnaz operatives infiltrate West Berlin

The Spetsnaz GRU are the special forces of the Soviet Armed Forces. They are designed during the Cold War to carry out reconnaissance and sabotage operations in the form of direct action.

In the early days of World War III, Spetsnaz Afla operatives under the command of Lieutenant Romanov infiltrated and disabled a NATO anti-air defense base in West Berlin. The operation would later allow Frontal Aviation to provide support to the Soviet forces in engaging the NATO armored divisions during the Invasion of West Germany.

In the Battle of New York City, three companies of Spetsnaz commandos infiltrated the islands of the New York Upper Bay to launch a chemical and biological attack on Manhattan. The operatives managed to capture the US equipment on the islands and were able to fight back against the first assault of US Army Rangers led by Captain Vance. The Spetsnaz were finally eliminated in the renewed assault reinforced by Sawyer's and Parker's forces.

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