The soundtrack for World in Conflict, and its expansion Soviet Assault, was composed by Ola Strandh.

Track Listing

World in Conflict

WiC OST Cover.jpg
  1. Prelude
  2. Aim for the Heart
  3. Incursion
  4. The President and The Nuke
  5. Originis
  6. Mike and Anton
  7. Classroom Prep
  8. Bannons Sacrifice
  9. European March
  10. Marche des Sabatier
  11. Tundra
  12. Sollicitudo
  13. Ego
  14. Sniper Run
  15. Squirrel on a Branch
  16. Effloresco
  17. Shortcomings
  18. Strong Point Strongpoint
  19. Nicole
  20. Hold that Thought
  21. Broken Flower
  22. Percutio
  23. Regarding Sawyer
  24. World in Conflict
  25. Looking for Survivors
  26. Governors Island
  27. Khaldun

Soviet Assault

WiC SA OST Cover.jpg
  1. Soviet Assault Waltz
  2. My Name is Legion
  3. Spetsnaz
  4. Propaganda and Attack
  5. Plan in Motion
  6. Incursion
  7. Odinochestvo
  8. Marching North
  9. Aurora Borealis
  10. Second Thoughts
  11. Collective Punishment
  12. The End is Nigh
  13. Under Pressure
  14. Fall of Man
  15. Konets

Songs used

  • "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" (Tears for Fears) - used in "Ruling the World" trailer, played in the first cutscene of Seeing the Elephant and Soviet Assault end credits.
  • "Here I Go Again" (Whitesnake) - played in the last cutscene of One Last Fight.
  • "Shadow of the Sun" (Audioslave) - used in New York cinematic trailer, later used as opening for Liberty Lost.
  • "Trouble Don’t Last" (Rebecca Kneubuhl, Gabriel Mann) - played during the preacher scene in the first cutscene of One Last Fight.