Severomorsk is a city that lies on the Kola Peninsula in Northern Russia, and is a territory of the Soviet Union. It is in close proximity to the major harbor town of Murmansk.


Severomorsk is one of Russia's major ports and a hub for its submarine fleet. It, alongside Murmansk, is the main outlet for the Northern Russian Fleet. After the outbreak of World War III in 1989, it became a major center of activity for the Soviet Union's naval operations across the Eurasian landmass.

World War IIIEdit

The naval forces of Severomorsk have seen much action since World War III broke out, and are likely combating Allied forces in Western Europe. During an Allied raid against Russia in the early stages of the war, NATO intelligence found from a downed U.S. spy plane that suspicious activity was taking place at Severomorsk. The NATO units already present in Russia, led by American Colonel Jeremiah Sawyer, launched a major assault on Severomorsk in an attempt to disrupt Russian naval operations there. The attack revealed that the Soviets intended to launch a major missile attack on the American East Coast by means of their Typhoon-class Submarines. NATO acted swiftly to prevent the subs from escaping.

Despite heavy resistance from the Russians, NATO badly crippled the submarine task force before the survivors fled, and much of the naval yard was left in ruins. This likely had a negative impact on the combat capabilities of the Russian Northern Fleet.

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