Invasion pine valley

Soviet paratroopers being deployed over Pine Valley.

Pine Valley, Washington is a fictional town featured in World in Conflict. It is a coastal town in the U.S. state of Washington. it was occupied by Soviet forces following the Invasion of Seattle.


Pine Valley is a typical American rural community located in a small inlet on the American West Coast. Its population consists of several hundred people. Notable landmarks include the local factory and the only church located downtown. It possesses its own TV station and a supermarket. It branches out into several suburbs. It also possesses a large medical research facility, owned by the company MEDICOOP.

World War IIIEdit

After Seattle was invaded by the Soviet Union in 1989, the Soviets expanded their presence across Washington and forced all surviving units of the Washington National Guard to retreat into the countryside. After several weeks of fighting, the Soviets launched an airdrop of paratroopers over Pine Valley in an attempt to expand southward. They quickly captured the town and forced the local population to flee. The U.S. Army selected Pine Valley as the site for their counterattack, which was aimed at isolating the Russians to the Seattle metropolitan area.

Several battalions led by Colonel Jeremiah Sawyer launched the assault on Pine Valley, with Colonel Wilkins of the Oregon National Guard providing reinforcements. This culminated in the Battle of Pine Valley. The battle destroyed much of the town, including its supermarket and the church. The Soviets forced the Americans on the defensive, and were only defeated after the U.S.S. Missouri intervened and bombarded the town from the bay area. The battle was a victory for the U.S. and forced the Soviets to delay their advance in Washington. However, over half of Pine Valley was left in ruins.


  • The closest towns to where Pine Valley would be located in real life would either be Hoquiam or Aberdeen, in Grays Harbor County.

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