War can be fascinating to watch on TV, but up close personally it's a whole other story. Imagine your office blown to pieces, your car thrown about like a discarded glove, and your friend lying on the street, his body torn to bloody shreds.

WiC M14 Parker

Biographical information
Born 1960s
Residence Seattle, Washington, USA
Physical information
Gender Male
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Brown
Political information
Nationality Caucasian-American
Affiliation United States Army
Occupation Officer
Rank Lieutenant, later Captain
Call sign "Bravo-Six"
Game information
Voice actor Alec Baldwin

Parker is an officer of the United States Army who serves as the primary character and narrator of the American campaign in World in Conflict. He makes appearances in pre-mission cutscenes. His narration is voiced by Alec Baldwin.


Early Military CareerEdit

Much of Parker's history and relations are completely unknown, but his military career is quite distinguished. Upon enlisting and serving his basic tours of duty as a common soldier, Parker enrolled at the United States Military Academy at West Point, where he received his officer's training and became skilled in leadership, planning, combat among other great qualities in soldiers, and upon graduation was commissioned as an officer in the United States Army with the rank of 2nd Lieutenant.

Service in EuropeEdit

Assigned under the command of the newly recommissioned Colonel Jeremiah Sawyer, Parker fought with Sawyer's battalion in Europe during the opening stages of World War III, fighting against the Soviet Union's Soviet Armed Forces. Parker, despite his relatively low rank, became a key field commander in the battalion, and quickly earned Sawyer's unshakable respect and admiration. Parker's leadership and combat skills were instrumental in breaking the Soviet's Invasion of France, and driving them back into Germany.

Service in the Soviet UnionEdit

Parker then journeyed with the battalion to team up with Task Force Raven, in the mission deep in Russia to recover the data and captured pilots of a crashed prototype stealth jet. Yet again, Parker was instrumental in winning the day, and the data was then used to launch an ambitious assault on a Soviet naval yard and destroyed several submarines that would have been used against U.S. naval yards on the East Coast. For this, Parker was promoted to First Lieutenant.

Service in New YorkEdit

Bruised and exhausted, Parker and battalion journeyed back to the United States, though, as they were flying over Greenland, Sawyer was informed Spetznaz Commandos had invaded several islands in the middle of New York. The battalion unable to fight, Sawyer instead coordinated efforts using Parker, leading a squadron of attack helicopters, and Captain Vance leading several Army Ranger units, to break the Russian's hold on the islands. Parker once again proved his brilliance by giving needed tactical aid to Vance and helping complete the mission, and saved the Statue of Liberty from destruction via. air strike by wiping out all Soviet forces gathered on the island intending to use chemical weapons on the city.

Invasion of SeattleEdit

Parker was granted R&R to visit his family in Seattle. Four months after the beginning of World War III, the Soviet's launched an invasion of the United States, beginning in Seattle. With the ranking major in charge dead, Parker's fellow field commander, Captain Mark Bannon - having been re-assigned to the Fifth Supply Battalion due to his previous negligence and war crimes - was forced to take charge of few regular army and National Guard units, being organized and led by Parker to lead a desperate defense of the city. Bannon led the others to retreat.

Countering the InvasionEdit

After the initial retreat from Seattle, Parker and his unit regrouped along with Bannon at the I-90 Bridge. After establishing defensive positions at one side of the bridge, Parker then led his men in rescuing a group of civilians from capture of Soviet Paratroopers, as well as helping to evacuate the family of General Levinson.

After meeting up with Captain Webb and Colonel Sawyer he continued with the defense of the Bridge, holding off Soviet forces until a large number of civilians had crossed the bridge. His unit then proceeded to reinforce the other side of the Bridge, destroying large numbers of Soviet Forces as well as employing "Scorched Earth" tactics by destroying power stations, gas stations etc. After securing a hospital, he called in Fire Support missions for Captain Bannon and Charlie Company as they slowly retreated over the bridge, platoon at a time. After the destruction of the bridge, 5th Battalion continued South, away from the now firmly-entrenched, Soviet-held Seattle.

Parker and the 5th Battalion then proceeded to the town of Pine Valley to make a stand against the Soviet invasion forces and to regroup with other American Forces. After securing a gas station at the edge of the town, and eliminating a Soviet sniper, Parker and his unit continued on to form the spearhead against the Soviet Airborne Forces in the town, destroying strongpoints, and eventually flanking the Soviet HQ at the local TV Station.

The 5th Battalion then took up defensive positions around the town (to the indignation of Captain Bannon) and held off a large Soviet counterattack by the main invasion forces. Parker and his unit shifted between the various fronts of the town as he was continually called on as a reserve force. However, Charlie Company, after taking heavy losses retreated to the center of the town, with the rest of 5th Battalion following suit due to the now-present gap in their defensive lines. When the U.S. forces appeared to be almost overwhelmed, the U.S.S. Missouri arrived at the coastline of the town and provided critical fire support, helping 5th Battalion to hold the town until the arrival of the Oregon National Guard under the command of Colonel Wilkins. After the arrival of both forces, the Soviets retreated, providing the American forces with a much-needed victory.

March on Fort TellerEdit

Parker slowed down the attack on Fort Teller by destroying a bridge but he is pushed back to Cascade Falls where he orders a nuclear strike on the incoming Soviets effectively halting the attack, killing Bannon and his company who elected to act as bait. He is promoted to Captain after this.

Re-Taking SeattleEdit

In his attack on re-taking Seattle Parker secures the dock, successfully preventing the Chinese invasion due to the invasion not having the necessary naval facilities or equipment needed to perform an amphibious assault on the docks, and would rely on Soviet support for a foot hold. Parker later conquers a command center and repels a large Soviet counter-attack, successfully re-taking Seattle.

The FutureEdit

It is unknown what will happen in the future but the late entry of China and Sawyer saying he would later need Parker soon could be hinting on an expansion pack or sequel. The war ends and Parker presumably becomes the most awarded soldier of the war. After the failure of the Invasion of Seattle by the Chinese, and the likely counter attack against the Chinese reinforcements, the military alliance between the USSR and China would likely collapse.


  • Parker is voiced by Alec Baldwin during the in-game loading cutscenes.
  • In cutscenes before a mission, Parker is seen. His face is revealed in the ending cutscene. (Sawyer points at Parker sometimes during a briefing)
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