Oregon National Guard
National Guard Logo
Political information
Type State Militia/Reserve Force
Leader(s) Col. Wilkins
Affiliation United States National Guard
Historical information
Date established 1843
Conflicts World War III

The Oregon National Guard is a branch of the domestic United States Army. Its sole duty is to defend the American state of Oregon on the American West Coast. It offers the Allied players much assistance throughout World in Conflict.

World War IIIEdit

When World War III broke out across Western Europe in 1989, the duties of the Oregon National Guard became ever more important. In the case of a Soviet invasion from the Pacific Ocean, Oregon would be among the most vulnerable states to attack. During the early months of the war, no such attack occurred, until one day in the Fall of that year.

Four months into the war, Seattle, Washington was swiftly invaded by a covert Soviet naval invasion force, forcing the Washington National Guard to retreat. When it became apparent that the Washington National Guard and the regular U.S. Army units in the state could not hold their own ground, the Oregon National Guard was ordered to reinforce Washington State, as Oregon was not invaded as of yet. Most of the Oregon National Guard units were led by Colonel Wilkins, an associate of Colonel Jeremiah Sawyer, who was leading the forces in Washington.

Wilkins and his battalion provided the Washington National Guard badly-needed support throughout the campaign. Their intervention during the Battle of Pine Valley ensured that the Americans halted the Soviet advance. They were also charged with defending Fort Teller during the Soviet attack against that installation. Finally, the Oregon National Guard assisted in the liberation of Seattle when the Chinese Navy attempted to reinforce the Soviets. The combined efforts of the Washington and Oregon National Guards ensured the city's survival when it was threatened with nuclear annihilation.

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