It's good to see you all here, today. And it will be even better, to see you soon, breaking through that wall! And we'll teach those NATO dogs how to fight! They thought they could bully us into submission! They thought we give way and fall! But today, we'll show them that the Red Army bows to no-one! Today, we'll show them the might of the Soviet Union!!!
Nikolai Malashenko
Nikolai Malashenko
Николай Малашенко

SA M01 Malashenko

SA Phonecall M03 Malashenko

SA Callsign Malashenko

Biographical information
Born 1965 (24/25 years old)
Relative(s) Vladimir Orlovsky (uncle)
Maria Malashenka (wife)
Unnamed daughter
Residence Russian SFSR, USSR
Physical information
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Hazel
Political information
Nationality Russian
Affiliation Soviet Armed Forces
Occupation Officer
Rank Captain
Call sign "Sokol-Six"
Game information
Voice actor Mark Ivanir

Nikolai Malashenko was a Captain of airborne branch of the Soviet Army who helped his country "liberate" West Berlin and West Germany from NATO hands. He also took part in the invasion of Washington state. He served with his uncle, Colonel Vladimir Orlovsky, in Europe and America, where they captured guerrilla leaders. Before the invasion of the US, he participated in the invasion of Norway and opened up a route for Soviet bombers to attack Britain and the rest of Europe. Married and with a newly-born daughter during the events of the game (when he participates in the raid on Norway) Malashenko is almost utterly dedicated to the Communist cause with a fervor that reminds Lebedjev of the dedication priests have to God.

Malashenko was shown to become increasingly paranoid during the events of the Third World War, such as detaining and threatening to kill civilians (who were suspected of aiding the enemy); and right after his forces (and Romanov's) are ordered to retreat and go back to the Soviet Union, he shoots and kills his uncle (Orlovsky) and proceeds to fall back to Seattle to defend it. He is either killed or taken Prisoner of War during the counterattacks led by Parker Webb, Sawyer, and Wilkins on Seattle. Romanov and Lebedjev did not follow him as they both obeyed Orlovsky's last orders and went back to their homeland.

Malashenko's increasing paranoia is very likely influenced by the death of his wife and daughter, who were killed in an air raid partway through the story. This suggests Malashenko was already paranoid long before their deaths. Also, he was shown to have very little compassion or respect for the enemy. This is evident as he has delight in his voice when he is insulting the enemy.


Although proven to be a great leader and a very competent captain with fierce loyalty, his commanding officer Orlovsky tends to clash with Malashenko on different situations such as tactics and dealing with the locals. Many times his uncle argues with him and tends to correct him when he begins to be delusional. Malashenko seems to have no sympathy for the American civilians as he suggested several times, to eliminate them. In one cutscene during an interview with the Commissar, Malashenko expressed wholeheartedly of his frustrations with the local insurgents and guerrilla attacks on his men. He then suggested that for every ambush, ten random civilians should be executed in cold blood. When the Commissar asked if his plan didn't work, he then coldly responded: "Then we should kill them all!"

Malashenko also lacks any real sensitivity as well. In the aftermath of the NATO air raid of the USSR, Malashenko was furious after hearing the death of his wife and daughter rather than being deeply saddened like any normal person would. He rejected his uncle's sympathy and merely replied that he was glad that they died for the country. He also shows rage to the Party for allowing such weakness to the defence of the country, since the NATO air raids caused severe damage, high casualties as well as civilian deaths. It also suggests that Malashenko has an unhealthy degree of love for his country and socialism that tends to blind him and even damages him from thinking rationally. In contrast his Uncle as well as Lebedjev find it easier to accept defeat and when to retreat so they may fight again. As the result, he willing to conduct suicide attempt to defense Settle in which resulting in his death or capture in the end.

He is considered to be an opposite to Captain Bannon but unlike, the cowardly and incompetent but noble Bannon, Malashenko's overzealous, fanaticism and brutality makes him an unpleasant and despicable person to the point of killing his own uncle for the sake of revenge rather than battle strategy while Bannon is much more willing to listen to his commanding office and thinking more rational than him. Furthermore, he also ruthless enough willing to sacrifice and abandon wounded Soviet soldiers for the sake of battle.

If he did survive the battle of Seattle, he would be likely handed over to the USSR and shot for executing a superior officer. In the Soviet doctrine even if your commander is committing treason you must report it to higher officials so that they can deal with it. Soviet officers could only kill lower ranked soldiers with extreme evidence of traitorous actions. Malashenko would likely be court martial-ed and then executed for killing Colonel Orlovsky. Major Lebedjev was the sole witness and Lebedjev has superior contacts in Moscow, his father in law is the minister of defense, which would spell doom for Malashenko in the long run.


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