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Massgate was the official multiplayer service of Ground Control and World in Conflict. The Massgate service allows players to add and keep track of friends, create clans and clan matches, and rank up in the leaderboard with the ranking system based on US Army ranks.

The official Massgate servers that supported multiplayer functionality were shutdown by Ubisoft in December 2015, though the player community restored these functions in 2017, through an unaffiliated version of Massgate. As part of the free giveaway in December 2017, Ubisoft released the source code for Massgate, allowing players to create their own dedicated game servers.

Honours systemEdit

Main article: Massgate medals and badges

The multiplayer mode rewards players' achievements with honours in the form of medals and badges. Honours are given for certain goals met or significant commitments over the player's career.

  • Badges are rewarded for commitments over the player's career.
  • Medals are rewarded for achievements within a number of games.

Bronze and silver honours are the easiest to obtain. They are supplemented with Honor Stars, demonstrating further achievement for that medal or badge. Gold honours do not have respective Honor Stars.

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