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War is coming home.
United States
The Red Bear has awoken. The world will see his might.
Soviet Union
In a world falling apart, NATO stands united.
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The KMDB T-80U "Kobra" (NATO designation SMT1997) is a Soviet heavy tank developed for the Soviet Ground Forces in 1976. It is a land warfare superiority tank with its main competitors being the M1A1 Abrams and the Leopard 2A4. The Soviet Army needed a better tank to complement the T-72, and the T-80 was the result...
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We were all part of that endeavor; the unproven warriors of our generation, sporting for a fight, and happy that our time has finally come.
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That in reality the Mi-28 Havoc was introduced into service in 2009, 20 years after the events of World in Conflict?

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