WiC USA Armor Transport M2A2 Bradley
WiC Ingame Bradley
WiC Icon Armor Transport Armored transport
Faction WiC USA Icon Small United States
Role WiC Armor Icon Armor
WiC Infantry Icon 1000 WiC Support Icon 1100
WiC Armor Icon 750 WiC Air Icon 1100
Hit points 1225
Armor Medium (50/100)
Speed Medium (50/100)
Line of sight Medium
Armament(s) M242 Bushmaster chain gun
Firepower Medium overall
Weapon range Medium
Special Abilities
Offensive: TOW missile
WiC Ability Armored Transport Missile Launches a wire-guided BGM-71 TOW missile. Best used against tanks, but effective against all ground vehicles.
Defensive: Smoke screen
WiC Ability Smoke Screen Tank Launches smoke mortars that hide the vehicle from view.

The M2A2 Bradley is a tracked Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) and Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) used by the USA. It is one of the best IFVs on the battlefield, capable of quick and safe deployment of troops.



The M2A2 Bradley is one of the US army's best combat vehicle, capable of engaging light tanks in battle, and win one-on-one. The Bradley can hold up to six fully armed soldiers and rapidly deploy them into the battlefield, due to its high speed. Though the Bradley's main purpose is to support infantry, it is adept at dealing with other situations.

The Bradley is armed with a M242 25mm chaingun that can hold up to 300 rounds, which is very effective against infantry and non/lightly armored vehicles. Its secondary armament is a TOW missile launcher, which is more effective against tanks than the chaingun. It is protected with armor that can withstand small arms and RPGs, but cannot take a shot from a tank gun. Smoke grenades help hide the Bradley from its fatal enemies: tanks, helicopters, Anti-Tank squads and its counterpart, the BMP-2.



Several M2s firing their 25mm chain gun

The Bradley is also very effective in the game as in real-life. Its chaingun quickly decimate infantry squads and rip light vehicles apart. Its TOW missiles also do the same against medium tanks.

As an APC, its main job is to transport and support infantry, though as mentioned, it also does well against the enemy on its own and can also target enemy helicopters with high accuracy at short ranges. The Bradley can also prove to be a valuable asset in urban combat thanks to its ability to transport infantry rapidly, and also due to its ability to target and kill infantry and vehicles, as well as choppers and tanks.

Special AbilitiesEdit


Fires a Tube-launched, Optically-tracked, Wire-guided missile at armored targets. The missile is very effective when targeted at the rear of tanks or vehicles because armor is weakest here. The TOW missile has a tendency to miss targets that activate their smoke grenades.


Fires smoke grenades to hide the vehicle from view. Lasts 15 to 20 seconds.



A rear view of the M2

The M2s were seen in the defense of Seattle. In one occasion, two M2s were destroyed by a thermobaric weapon (Fuel-air bomb).

During the retreat of Seattle, Lieutenant Parker was in command of 3 M2 Bradleys, plus a Humvee. The M2s were able to save a group of National Guardsmen who were pinned down by Russian UAZ-469s, BMP-2s, and Russian Infantry.


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