Wallpaper Infantry
WiC Infantry Icon Infantry
Classes WiC Icon Infantry AT Anti-tank infantry squad
WiC Icon Infantry Squad Infantry squad
WiC Icon Infantry Sniper Sniper
WiC Icon Infantry Demo Demolition engineer
WiC Icon Infantry Airborne Airborne infantry
WiC Icon Infantry Jeep Troop transport
WiC Icon Infantry Truck Transport truck
Tactics Urban warfare, ambush

The infantry role specializes in combat with infantry. Riflemen squads are used to combat other infantry as well as tanks and aircraft. But that's not their only weapon: the infantry role also employs anti-tank squads, snipers, and light vehicles.

The infantry role is a very flexible role. Maybe too flexible; they are like a double-edged sword, capable of defeating any unit on the field, but at the cost of speed, firepower, and tactical mobility. The infantry role can be used in conjunction with any role. The infantry role's logo is a combat helmet.

Infantry classesEdit

Anti-tank infantry squadEdit

  • Cost: 800 reinforcement points, N/A for other roles

The WiC Icon Infantry AT anti-tank infantry squad is the most expensive unit of the infantry role. They come in groups of five. Three armed with anti-tank rockets. One medic who can heal other infantry squads. The medic also carries an assault rifle. The squad also has one rifleman. They are best used against medium and light tanks. heavy tanks are a problem, even if the squads main purpose is to kill tanks: One would need more than 3 squads to quickly destroy a heavy tank, One or two would consume more time engaging a heavy instead of a light or medium tank. One should also try flanking a heavy tank, it's possible although difficult. They also have no defense against air units except the two soldiers armed with rifles, who do little damage.

Defensive: Sprint
WiC Ability Sprint Allows the squad to move faster, but attacking targets while sprinting negates this ability.

Infantry squadEdit

  • Cost: 650 reinforcement points
  • Hit Points: 490 x 5

The WiC Icon Infantry Squad infantry squad is what infantry commanders should probably use often. They come in groups of five. One squad leader armed with an assault rifle, a medic also armed with a rifle, a heavy weapons specialist armed with anti-tank weapon, a anti-aircraft soldier armed with a SAM launcher, and finally a machine gunner armed with a machine gun. The infantry squad can deal with any unit on the battlefield, although they are not always the most efficient at doing it. What they are efficient at doing is combating other infantry squads and helicopters.

Offensive: Grenade barrage
WiC Ability Grenade Launcher The squad leader and medic launch a 40mm grenade each at the target area, damaging all enemies in the blast zone. This attack is only effective against other infantry squads and light vehicles but if used in groups, can be used effectively against fortified defenses in an assault on a command point.
Defensive: Sprint
WiC Ability Sprint Allows the squad to move faster, but attacking targets while sprinting negates this ability.


  • Cost: 500 reinforcement points

The WiC Icon Infantry Sniper sniper's job is to kill other infantry silently and effectively. Other squads won't even know what hit them till they're all dead. Armed with a scoped sniper rifle, this unit can see the battlefield from a far, safe distance. The range of the sniper is long, allowing him to help the Support Role in placing artillery strikes or tactical aid. The sniper is also stealthier than other infantry units. The sniper's disadvantages are numerous: He can't kill any unit other than infantry, for one sniper he takes up the space of a transport, very slow, and has no other ability than sprint, like the other infantry units.

Defensive: Sprint
WiC Ability Sprint Allows the sniper to move faster, but attacking targets while sprinting negates this ability.

Demolition engineerEdit

  • Cost: 600 reinforcement points
  • Hit Points: 490

The WiC Icon Infantry Demo demolition engineer is a lone soldier who carries a rifle and has the ability to plant demolition charges to blow up buildings and units as well. Demolition engineers are not for combat. However, they can be used to plant charges on command points, so that when the enemy comes to capture it, you can blow up all the units around it. They can also be used to destroy vital bridges, forcing the enemy to spend time and effort on finding a new route.

Offensive: Demolition charge
WiC Ability Demo Charge Places a demolition charge that can be remotely detonated. Effective against buildings.
Defensive: Sprint
WiC Ability Sprint Allows the demolition engineer to move faster, but attacking targets while sprinting negates this ability.

Airborne infantryEdit

WiC Icon Infantry Airborne Airborne infantry can't be called in with reinforcement points, only as combat aid. They come in squads of four, and can be deployed anywhere on the map. They are very effective against infantry, but can only damage lightly armored vehicles.

Offensive: Direct artillery
WiC Ability Direct Artillery Directs artillery fire on the target location.
Defensive: Sprint
WiC Ability Sprint Allows the squad to move faster, but attacking targets while sprinting negates this ability.

Troop transportEdit

WiC USA IconM1025 HMMWV WiC USSR IconUAZ-469 WiC NATO IconD-90

The WiC Icon Infantry Jeep troop transports is a fast, but lightly armored infantry transport. It can repair other vehicles.

Offensive: Armor-piercing ammo
WiC Ability Bullets Makes the transport's machine gun more effective against light armor for a short time.

Transport truckEdit

WiC USA IconM939 5-ton truck WiC USSR IconUral-4320 WiC NATO IconTRM-4000

The WiC Icon Infantry Truck transport truck is an unarmed and lightly armored vehicle. Its sole purpose is to transport infantry units.

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