WiC TA Heavy Air Support Heavy air support
WiC Ingame Heavy Air Support NATO
NATO heavy air support aided by artillery
WiC TA Selective Selective strike
Faction WiC USA Icon Small United States
WiC USSR Icon Small Soviet Union
WiC NATO Icon Small NATO
Deployment time 15 seconds
Recharge time 30 seconds
WiC Infantry Icon 25/45/65 WiC Support Icon 25/45/65
WiC Armor Icon 25/45/65 WiC Air Icon 25/45/65

Heavy air support is a tactical aid that calls in three waves of planes to destroy enemy vehicles in the target area. Heavy air support does not affect infantry, and will not target friendly units. Each air-to-ground strike can destroy up to four enemy targets.


Several waves of aircraft enter the specified area, using guided missiles to engage all enemy ground vehicles and helicopters in range while leaving friendly units alone. New waves arrive long enough for the Tactical Aid to have a suppressive effect, giving friendly units freedom to act in the area.


Tactical aids of World in Conflict
WiC TA Non-Destructive

WiC TA Aerial Recon
Aerial recon

WiC TA Airborne Drop
Airborne infantry

WiC TA Jeep Drop
Airdropped transport

WiC TA Tank Drop
Airdropped light tank

WiC TA Repair Bridge
Repair bridge

WiC TA Selective
Selective strikes

WiC TA Napalm
Napalm strike

WiC TA Chemical Strike
Chemical strike

WiC TA Tank Buster
Tank buster

WiC TA Laser Guided Bomb
Laser-guided bomb

WiC TA Air-To-Air
Air-to-air strike

WiC TA Heavy Air Support
Heavy air support

WiC TA Indiscriminate
Indiscriminate attacks

WiC TA Light Arty
Light artillery barrage

WiC TA Heavy Arty
Heavy artillery barrage

WiC TA Precision Arty
Precision artillery

WiC TA Air Strike
Air strike

WiC TA Carpet Bombing
Carpet bombing

WiC TA Daisy Cutter
Daisy Cutter / Fuel air bomb

SA TA Incendiary Bomb
Incendiary bomb (campaign only)

WiC TA Tactical Nuke
Tactical nuke