Sgt. Hanson

Biographical information
Residence Washington, USA
Physical information
Gender Male
Political information
Nationality American
Affiliation Washington National Guard
Occupation Noncommissioned officer
Rank Sergeant

Hanson was a Sergeant in the Washington National Guard. He was serving in Seattle when it was invaded by the Soviet Army. It is unknown what his military exploits are, or even his history.

World War IIIEdit

His only role in the game was in the level "Invasion!". He was a Sergeant defending Seattle against the Soviet Army, when two squads of anti-tank soldiers were trapped by a Soviet troop transport and a BMP-2. After Lieutenant Parker saved his men, Sgt. Hanson tells Lt. Parker of a National Guard supply depot that would supply reinforcements. Captain Bannon also likes the idea, and orders the Lt. to capture it. After capturing that, Hanson tells Bannon and Parker that civilians are gathering at the Kingdome and that Soviet forces are advancing on that position. Parker is ordered to take care of it, but first follows Hanson's advice and recons the route. He then discovers a trap, consisting of 3 squads of Soviet troops hiding in buildings. An artillery battery requisitioned by Captain Bannon, callsign "Yankee-Five", fires Heavy and Precision artillery barrages on the enemies. Hanson then gives advice to capture a Humvee that was damaged. After that, Parker manages to destroy the AAA and capture the Kingdome. Hanson then tells him two more squads of infantry are being attacked by BMPs, light tanks, and infantry and are holed up in buildings. After Parker helps them escape, he must leave through an overpass, once that is accomplished the level ends, and Hanson is never heard from again.


  • Although he is only a Sergeant, he is seen in-game commanding more than 4 squads, where as most Sergeants and Staff Sergeants only command 1 or 2 squads.
  • It is rumored that Hanson does indeed show up in the level "Battle of Pine Valley", and that he is the soldier running from the T-80U tank.
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