Fortifications are structures that protect Perimeter Points from enemy capture. Though not very powerful, they can delay the enemy's attempt to capture a command point.


Fortifications are built from sandbags, and require quite some time to be fully constructed. Units will construct fortifications around the Perimeter Point. For a fortification to be built, a unit will need to stay in the Perimeter Point, as the soldiers building them will need some time.

Fortifications come in 3 variants:

Anti-Infantry FortificationEdit

It is essentially a bunker made from sandbags covered by a tarp for camouflage. The Anti-Infantry Fortification is manned by a single soldier armed with a machine gun, and can fire on both ground and air targets. Despite its name, the Anti-Infantry Fortification is not particularly effective at stopping infantry even when they're in the open. Even so, this fortification is valuable as it's the first one to be built and will prevent the enemy from taking control of the point until its destroyed.

Anti-Tank FortificationEdit

It is built of sandbags and cement, and camouflaged by a tarp. The Anti-Tank fortification is manned by a single soldier armed with a recoiless rifle, and can deal some modest damage to light enemy vehicles. It has little chance of turning back a determined assault however, and at best will only slow the enemy down.

Anti-Aircraft FortificationEdit

Is built of sandbags and cement, camouflaged by a net, and is accompanied by a targeting radar. The AA gun is probably the most useful of the three fortifications, but it also takes the longest to set up. It can be deadly to enemy helicopters that fly too close, which can either force them to keep their distance of expend their firepower on destroying the AA gun.