WiC TA Daisy Cutter Daisy Cutter
WiC Ingame Daisy Cutter USA
Explosion from an American Daisy Cutter
WiC TA Indiscriminate Indiscriminate attack
Faction WiC USA Icon Small United States
WiC NATO Icon Small NATO
Deployment time 18 seconds
Recharge time 30 seconds
WiC Infantry Icon 30/50/70 WiC Support Icon 30/50/70
WiC Armor Icon 30/50/70 WiC Air Icon 30/50/70
Wilco, this is Angel. Daisy Cutter primed and on the way.

The BLU-82, nicknamed "Daisy Cutter", is a conventional bomb developed by US forces to destroy lush forests in Vietnam. In World in Conflict, the tactical aid is only available to both American and NATO forces. The Daisy Cutter can of course be used against any group of enemy units and even buildings, which are eradicated by the blast wave of the bomb.[1]


A large military cargo plane flies by and drops a 17,000-pound conventional bomb, creating a massive blast and a large smoke cloud. While extremely effective at clearing forests and destroying infantry and weaker ground vehicles, its powerful shockwave is less effective against larger buildings and heavily armored units.


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