WiC Phonecall 07 Colette

Biographical information
Relative(s) Jean-Baptiste Sabatier (lover)
Residence Paris, France
Physical information
Gender Female
Hair color Red
Eye color Brown
Political information
Nationality French

Colette is a young French woman who became Jean-Baptiste Sabatier's mistress and the two conceived a baby. When World War III was declared, Sabatier, as a NATO officer, was called in to help lead the effort to drive back the Invasion of France; meanwhile Colette moved to Paris. It is here she remained, fearing for Sabatier's life, especially when he was unable to contact her.

The last time she spoke with Sabatier, by this time Colette was in the final stages of her pregnancy and poised to give birth, she was somewhat calmed by her lover (as she had been experiencing dreams of him dying, which left her crying). Colette's fears were, tragically, justified, as, during the critical engagement that ended the Soviet invasion, Sabatier was killed.

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