Clearwater Creek, Washington is a fictional town located in Washington in the United States of America.


Clearwater Creek is a typical rural community that lies beyond the Seattle metropolitan area. It resides within a mountainous valley and lies on the banks of a river. The town itself is divided into several districts. The town center is divided into two blocks connected by a concrete bridge, with a residential area lying in the nearby hills. Two bridges lead into the town from across the river. Beyond the river banks are several houses, a service station, a large saw mill, and the local Church. Finally, a dam also operates on the river, providing the town with hydroelectric power.

World War IIIEdit

In 1989, World War III broke out when the Soviet Union invaded Western Europe. Building on their momentum, they launched an invasion against the United States, quickly capturing Seattle and forcing the U.S. Army to retreat. The Soviets soon spread out across the whole countryside, capturing many rural towns including Clearwater Creek. The town was placed under firm Soviet control and was a major point from which the Soviets defended the perimeter around Seattle.

In early 1990, it was learned that the People's Republic of China intended to reinforce the Soviet beachhead in Seattle, and if they were successful, the President would have no choice but to destroy the city in a nuclear strike. Desperate to prevent this, the battered U.S. Army decided to force their way through the defensive lines and liberate the city before the attack was launched. Clearwater Creek was targeted as it was one of the most vulnerable points of attack. In the battle that followed, the Americans fought their way in an attempt to secure a route to Seattle. The attack was ultimately a success and the Americans continued onwards towards Seattle after reestablishing control over the town. However, Clearwater Creek was left in ruins as a result of the attack, as much of its infrastructure had been razed by Soviet artillery strikes.


  • Clearwater Creek was called Parker's Creek in the early builds of World in Conflict, as seen in this trailer.
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