WiC USSR Armor Amphibious BTR-80
WiC Ingame BTR-80
The BTR-80, a 8x8 wheeled APC of the Soviet Union.
WiC Icon Armor Amphibious Amphibious transport
Faction WiC USSR Icon Small Soviet Union
Role WiC Armor Icon Armor
WiC Infantry Icon 850 WiC Support Icon 1000
WiC Armor Icon 650 WiC Air Icon 1000
Hit points 1102
Armor Medium (50/100)
Speed Medium (40/100)
Line of sight Short
Armament(s) 14.5 mm KPVT machine gun
Firepower Low
Weapon range Short
Special Abilities
Offensive: Incendiary ammunition
WiC Ability Incendiary Ammo Loads the cannon with high explosive-incendiary ammunition. Lethal against infantry.
Defensive: Smoke screen
WiC Ability Smoke Screen Launches smoke mortars that hide the vehicle from view.
We can deliver troops across any river!

The BTR-80 is a Soviet wheeled 8x8 amphibious armored personnel carrier (AAPC). It was designed and put into production in 1986. Considered to be one of the best APCs in the world, the BTR-80 is fully amphibious and can transport up to 10 armed infantry units.[1]



The doors of the BTR-80 are unique because it allows rapid deployment of 7-10 armed infantry.

The BTR-80 is the Soviet Union's choice for dealing with infantry and transporting infantry through bodies of water. The BTR-80 proves lethal against infantry and helicopters, as well as Troop Transports. The 14.5mm KPVT Heavy MG is capable of firing conventional armor piercing rounds and incendiary rounds that can kill enemy infantry quickly. The BTR-80's HMG has a high rate of fire, but it fires in burst-mode instead. It's most likely for accuracy.

The BTR-80 is equipped with strong armor. Strong enough for it to stop bullets and deliver infantry into the battlefield. But the BTR-80 should try to avoid contact with any kind of tank be it light or heavy. If the said tanks are already badly damaged, then you can give them the green light to attack the said targets. The BTR-80's best bet at killing units is against infantry, transports, and helicopters. Other units are just too dangerous too engage without support.


The BTR-80 is capable of doing all mentioned above, but the BTR-80 is slower than it's real-life counterpart. The BTR-80 is one of the most flexible units in World in Conflict, due its amphibious abilities. The BTR-80 can transport infantry into the fray in just a few minutes (or seconds). The BTR-80 has fairly good Line of Sight, but still less than that of infantry on foot. A fact worth noting is that if you're working with a good infantry player, then the BTR-80 does the job quite well.



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