WiC NATO Air Heavy A129 Mangusta
WiC Ingame A129 Mangusta
WiC Icon Air Heavy Heavy attack helicopter
Faction WiC NATO Icon Small NATO
Role WiC Air Icon Air
WiC Infantry Icon N/A WiC Support Icon N/A
WiC Armor Icon N/A WiC Air Icon 1200
Hit points 980
Armor Light
Speed Fast
Line of sight Medium
Armament(s) 70 mm rockets
M197 20 mm cannon
Firepower Very high
Weapon range Medium
Special Abilities
Offensive: HOT missile
WiC Ability Heavy Heli Missile Launches a HOT missile that is capable of damaging any tank armor in the world. Best used to disable important enemy vehicles from a safe distance.
Defensive: Drop flares
WiC Ability Drop Flares Ejects a salvo of burning-hot IR countermeasures that are likely to divert incoming hostile missiles.
Mangusta here, attaccare!
A129 Mangusta

The A129 Mangusta is an attack helicopter made in Italy. It is designed to give close air support and anti-armor capabilities to NATO forces.[1] The A129 is armed with a 3-barreled M197 20mm cannon. It also carries rocket pods and the HOT anti-tank missile, which is lethal to tanks and fortifications.

The units capable of taking down the Mangusta are heavy and medium anti-air units and armored transports. Sometimes tanks and other choppers can bring it down but less effectively.


The Mangusta is NATO's heavy attack helicopter. It is only available to Air players. It's cannon can shred infantry and also take down choppers and lightly armored vehicles. To kill tanks, it can use either it's rocket pods or the HOT anti-tank missile, but it takes more than one to take down heavy tanks.



  1. Massive Entertainment, Sierra Entertainment, World in Conflict. September 18, 2007.

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